Great to Play Before, During & After the Holidays - WHY?

Fun Food Flip® is the most entertaining way to plan your menu - you'll discover some interesting combinations that you may never have thought of otherwise. Also, food is a safe subject, it will entertain everyone, we all eat! Everyone's tastes are different and people know and accept this so it makes for an engaging, strategic yet unifying game experience.

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Fun Food Flip® 1st Edition


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  Served in four courses, players determine 3 types of combinations from the cards they are dealt. All vote for the Most Gross, Most Interesting & Most Delicious menu creations for each course to decide which “chef” wins!



Great party game/icebreaker
Great for foodies & families – kids love it!
Expandable, brandable booster packs
Simple, yet creatively challenging
Good player engagement/interaction

189 Ingredient Cards
2 Double Sided Mats

I tested Fun Food Flip on my 6 -9 year old students - they loved grossing each other out - and they specifically asked to play it again on our next game day.
— Ester D.
My name is John and I’m emailing because I had gone to a demo where you had a card game regarding food. I had taken my nephew with me and he enjoyed it greatly as well as myself. I have a few teacher friends that I had discussed the card game with and I was wondering if there were any plans on producing it or where it was along the process. Thanks!
— John G.
Fast, easy, and fun! I can’t wait to play again!

Still Giggling!!!!
— Judy K.